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    Personal Highlights

    In 2019, after welcoming Little Miss into our family, Michael and I realized we needed more space. We embarked on a DIY journey, transforming a builder-grade home into our dream 1776 Faux Farmhouse. Since 2020, we’ve completed numerous projects, collaborated with many brands, and increased our business revenue, all while enjoying every step of the way!

    Our own social media accounts boast impressive statistics due to leveraging data and analytics:

    • Instagram: 160,000+ followers, 50M impressions, 6.11% all time engagement rate, and 27M Reels plays
    • TikTok: 145,000+ followers, 12.8M views, and 502k engagements

    Over the last decade, we’ve transitioned from students to corporate executives, content creators, and business owners. Utilizing our expertise in analytics and design, we can help creators grow their accounts and maximize their potential through data-driven strategies.

    Michael’s background in statistics and data Science, combined with Nicole’s experience in education and content creation, allows us to provide personalized growth strategies for creators. We analyze engagement rates, impressions, and audience growth trends to optimize content performance.