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I got a couple of questions over the past week about optimizing your profile page using A/B testing and so I wanted to follow up with a bit more on the topic.

Your Instagram bio is a critical part of your social media presence and is one of the first things that people see when they visit your account. That’s why it’s essential to make it count!

Here are some tips for crafting an attention-grabbing and effective bio:

  • Be short and to the point: Make sure your bio is interesting and personable. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humor or originality into it.
  • Include relevant keywords: Use words that accurately describe yourself or the type of content you post to help people find you more easily.
  • Add visuals: Consider adding pinned images or videos to your bio to make your profile stand out and create an engaging atmosphere for potential followers.
  • Link your other social media profiles: Connecting all of your social accounts is one of the best ways to ensure maximum visibility for your Instagram profile.
  • Keep your bio updated: Regularly update your bio with any changes in your business or interests to show potential employers or clients that you are an experienced professional who is capable of taking on new challenges.
  • Use the 150 character limit to its fullest potential. Consider using keywords that are relevant to your brand or industry and emojis to add personality.
  • Use a professional and respectful tone in your writing and avoid using slang or jargon.

In addition to these tips, we recommend A/B testing your Instagram bio to see what works best for your target audience. We talked more about A/B testing a couple of weeks ago. Try experimenting with different elements such as your profile picture, profile description, URL text, and pinned content to see what resonates the most.

By following these tips, you can optimize your Instagram bio to attract the right kind of audience and showcase who you are and what you do.

1776 Faux Farmhouse

The amazing thing about the age we live in is how many things can be automated. I’ve known of the power of data science and language models for going on 10 years now but the availability of such tools for the non data scientists is really great to see. For instance, let’s say I wanted to quickly generate ideas for A/B testing to optimize our profile. You all have seen it before, but just in case:

I could simply head over to ChatGPT and say, “Create a variation of this Instagram profile, using the same or fewer characters, and optimize for follower growth.” and then list the profile bio. It’s important to take it slow with ChatGPT, tell it exactly what you want, tweak the first example it gives by giving clarifying instructions, and then ask for variations. After asking it to spit out 5 variations I received the following (obviously not formatted correctly):

  1. “Unleash your inner designer. Follow now! Your home, your vision Bringing creativity to life daily Mama, designer, dreamer TikTok 141K+ Get design tips and tricks below ”
  2. “Say goodbye to bland interiors. Follow us! Your home, your style Transforming spaces daily Mama, decorator, creator TikTok 141K+ Find your next project here ”
  3. “Upgrade your space with every follow. Your home, your design Elevating interiors one project at a time Mama, renovator, trendsetter TikTok 141K+ Explore our portfolio ”
  4. “Let us help you make your house a home. Follow! Your vision, our passion Bringing warmth to your space Mama, homemaker, influencer TikTok 141K+ Get decor inspiration below ”
  5. “Join the DIY revolution. Follow now! Your home, your masterpiece Creating one-of-a-kind spaces Mama, handywoman, innovator TikTok 141K+ Find your next project here ”

Now I prefer our profile as is,because I’ve tested it! ChatGPT will not give you the optimal result because it doesn’t know your audience.However, if you have never tried optimizing your profile before this is a quick and easy way to generate a bunch of different ideas to test. Plug one of them in, track your conversion ratio (number of new followers / number of profile visits), and repeat until you find the best version of your profile bio.

Actionable Takeaway

  1. Track the conversions rate of your current version of your Instagram profile for a few weeks
  2. Ask ChatGPT for variations of your current profile optimizing for followers growth
  3. Pick one of the variations you like and track your conversion rate
  4. Repeat

Stat of the Week: 90%

90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account

Instagram does a great job of bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. According to statistics published in an Instagram article, almost all Instagram users follow at least one business account.

This makes it a great platform for running branded ad campaigns and influencer campaigns, as consumers already see it as a place where they can learn about and interact with businesses.

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